GCE A Level Maths Book Section 05 Pure

GCE Advanced Level Mathematics Book Section 05


  • Trigonometry: sec, cosec, cot, arcsin, arccos and arctan: graphs; Pythagorean identities; double angle formulae: (r, a) form; solving trigonometric equations
  • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions: graphs
  • Differentiation: exponential function (graph included); logarithmic function (graph included); trigonometric functions   (sin x, cos x, tan x   arcsin x, arccos x, arctan x, sec x, cosec x, cot x); angle sums and differences; product rule; quotient rule; chain rule
  • Numerical Methods for Location of Roots of          f(x) = 0: change of sign; iterative methods (including Newton-Raphson method)
  • Practice Questions with fully worked answers
GCE Advanced Level Math Textbook Section 05 cover
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