GCSE Maths Practice Papers 03 ebook Algebra Sequences

GCSE Maths Practice Paper 03: based on Section 06: ALGEBRA: SEQUENCES: nth term formulae. KEY CONCEPTS: and Section 08: MANIPULATIVE SKILLS: SOLUTION of EQUATIONS AND INEQUATIONS                                         

ALGEBRA (Section 06 and 08):

  • Sequences:    nth term formulae
  • Key Concepts:  Definition; Basic Skills
  • Factorization: H.C.F.; Quadratics; Grouping
  • Algebraic Fractions: Simplifying; Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide
  • Solving Equations and Inequations
  • Formulae: use of and changing the subject of formulae 
  • Variation: direct and inverse proportion 
GCSE Ordinary Section - Free cover
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